Where is in Eorzea? 2nd Edition
Fri 18:20ST, 14 Oct 2022

Fall is here and with it comes new anime seasons, new TV shows and those somewhat awfull Christmas specials that we simply cant watch.

Is been so long and I wonder if you still remember this little event that I created. Well, no matter.

It is time for another Where is in Eorzea? – Season 2 : The Age of Cities and People!

Ever wonder how the graphical team of FF14 manage to make this amazing places that we so often miss or neglect in our sprint to level up?
There is some locations with great details and hidden spots that can make a wonderful screenshot, or simply “Oh i never been here before” kinda of feeling
Well this event is my attempt to make all of you feel like that while having some casual talk and relax moment
The premise is simple, I will give you one screenshot of a point in the area and you need to find it. There is 2 difficulties, as I try to give a somewhat more challenge to those players that know all the areas around the game and wish to participate also.
Regardless of your experience, if you wish to come along and enjoy a relax event, feel free to join.

We are back to Realm Reborn. All regions, Cities and NPC are now part of the challenge.

Requirement : Fly unlock in La Noscea, Thanalan and Shroud ( lvl 50 )

by Shadow Cross