Treasure Maps – Endwalker Edition
Wed 19:00ST, 19 Jan 2022

Queue times seem to go down again, people slowly finish Endwalker, all the important stuff already got released via patches and that gives us finally the opportunity to go on a treasure hunt!
Long has it been since last we were searching for portals. Longer has it been for people to find a portal. But this is it! This will be the day where we conquer ALL THE PORTALS!
(by now I have said portal more times than there are portal games. Where is the next one for the fans, Gabe?)

Long story short, we are running the new maps.
Don’t forget to vote with :SDS: if you want to join and :salt: if you’re unsure yet.
If we’re more than 8 people, we split into smaller groups, so no need to sit out 🙂

by Jace Nolan