Topic Thursday – Endwalker Part 1
Thu 19:00ST, 30 Dec 2021

Welcome to the first iteration of our latest event series: Topic Thursday!
Here we will discuss different topics at length in a free for all discussion round with slight moderation.

We will start this series with the latest hot topic of ff players: Endwalker
Let’s discuss our thoughts and opinions on the latest MSQ Expansion, our theories for the next patches, what we think about the Pandaemonium plot so far and what more do we expect or did we think was lacking in 6.0
Anything you ever wanted to voice somewhere here and couldn’t because… spoiler
This will be your event. Let out your voice without worries of spoiling anyone and potentially ruining someones fun.
Be not afraid! Be open and most important: have fun!

Seeing as this event will focus on everything 6.0, please be advised that everything will be spoiler territory.
If you haven’t finished either MSQ or normal raids yet, please keep in mind that joining the event at any time bears the risk of getting spoilered.

by Jace Nolan