This casual wednesday is so basic it ordered a pumpkin spice latte
Wed 18:00ST, 11 May 2022

So. I Forgot. The admins forgot.
We have new members. I want to get to know new members.

So here is the idea:
IF ( Participants <=4 && ParticipantLevel <= 50)
THEN Let's do Palace of the Dead;
IF ( Participants = 60)
THEN Let’s do Heaven on High;
ELSEIF (Participants >4 && ParticipantLevel >= 50)
THEN Let’s do Alliance Raids;
ELSEIF (Participants >4 && ParticipantLevel >= 60)
THEN Let’s do Maps;
ELSEIF (AllParticipants == MemberOfFightClub)
THEN We play Fighting Games;

by Kong