SleepingDragons’ Sprout Pursuit
Wed 19:00ST, 16 Nov 2022

It’s time for a quest like no other. Despair and hardship, hope and joy. Can you endure? Will you succumb? The fate of the FC lays in your hands.

Eh, maybe a bit too epic. So, we are doing a recruiting event. Recruiting is boring, hard and frustrating. Tinder (Ultimate), you could call it. But we need to recruit to keep the FC healthy, so what better way to do it than hanging out with everyone in voice?

We will go around in game looking for potential recruits, alone, in a group, whatever the situation calls for, and share our experiences and many failures while we do it. People come up with very ingenious excuses to reject you.

You might say, “I don’t know how to recruit” or “I’m just an egg, I shouldn’t recruit”. Well, worry not, we will help you and guide you until you feel confident enough to do it. Everyone is welcome to recruit, so if you have the willingness just join and lets try to have some fun 🙂

by Jasar