Sleeping Dragons Fight Club Invitational III
Sat 19:00ST, 1 Oct 2022

Ladies and gentlemen and the millions watching on television…
It is time for the main event of the year!
Are you ready for…
The Fight Club Invitational III!

This time our contests will show their best across all our frequent fighting games!
We start off with a nice Swiss Round for each single game, where everyone can enter freely and participate to their best ability!
This will take 1 week each with 1 week of buffer for scheduling, training or relaxing! Then the next game will be played for a week!
We will repeat this for every game until we have 4 group winners. Then these 4 will duke it out in a single elimination tournament with some special and secret rules! (If many people participate we can extend this to 8 player single elim.)
This way we will determine this years best fighter!

So sign up for each game here:
Dragon Ball FighterZ:
Street Fighter 5:
Guilty Gear Strive:
Tekken 7:

Any updates you can find in our #fight-club channel!

by Kong