Serious Wednesday: AniManga as medium
Wed 18:00ST, 13 Oct 2021

Welcome to the second rendition of “Serious Wednesday” and this time the topic will be… anime?

Yes, you heard right. I want to take a look at anime and manga as a medium and how it might have changed over the ages from hand drawn series that took their sweet time to digitally drawn seasonal anime that have set episode limits as well as how that translates for adapting mangas and light novels.

I am by no means a professional but I still want to take a look at it from the viewpoint of someone who enjoys this medium and how my experiences with it changed in the last 20 years.
After giving my personal input with a mini presentation, I’ll invite all of you to give your own input afterwards in a friendly discussion about our likes and dislikes about this topic.

Discord and time is all you need for this event. You don’t even need to watch anime to still listen in and giving your input 🙂

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by Jace Nolan