Seeking Dragons
Wed 18:00ST, 1 Jul 2020

For the upcoming Casual Wednesday, @Luci and I came up with the spontaneous idea to play hide & seek with the whole FC! The concept is the same as you know it from your childhood: one person is the seeker and the rest goes hiding.

How to play:

– We will play in all the 5 major cities (Limsa, Gridania, Ul’dah, Ishgard and Kugane) and Shirogane
– One person gets assigned to be the seeker, the rest goes and hides around the city
– The seeker has 10 minutes (one round) to find as many of our people as possible while livestreaming in the FC Discord and he must have his HUD turned off, to make it more challenging, but still fair
– To make the participants easier to spot, they all must equip the Fat Chocobo Head, easily obtainable in Old Gridania for 1 achievement point
– After each round, another person is picked as the seeker and the rest goes again hiding. We will rotate like this until everybody has been the seeker at least once, changing the cities in between to have more variety

The ultimate goal is to do something super casual where everyone can participate and just have a fun time with friends. Additionally, the three seekers that found the most people will receive some prize money as a little bonus, with the 1st place also getting his members page on our website filled up next and receiving the title of “Seeker King/Queen” on there (at least until someone else manages to snatch the title away next time )

Rules will be explained in greater detail on discord at the beginning of the event.

by Darion Arguros