Secret Dragon
Tue 19:00ST, 1 Dec 2020

Ah, Christmas in Eorzea… Throwing lalas with your friends, building a snowroe, getting together and giving gifts. There is something nice about getting a gift. Not knowing what is inside that box can be quite thrilling. So, how about not knowing who it came from?

Welcome to Secret Dragon, our very own variation of Secret Santa that should not vary much at all! Do you think giving and receiving gifts is fun? Do you enjoy thinking of gift ideas, getting to know people, laughing at silly gifts or are simply in that jingle bells mood? Then this is the event for you!

The event will work as follows:
-On December 1st all participants will be given the name of the person they are giving the gift to (this should be kept secret, of course).
-On December 15th all participants should send their gift via the ingame mail system to the person they drew.
-A channel will be made available for everyone to chat, share their ideas, ask questions and keep informed as the event progresses.

Keep in mind this is an event for fun and to get together. Please don’t spend all of your gil on your gift and don’t expect your secret gifter to spend all of their gil either.

by Jasar Dann