Secret Dragon II
Sun 19:00ST, 5 Dec 2021

Christmas lights are here, shopping sprees, snow… And our very own secret santa is back again for its second edition.
If you want to share some gifts amongst FC members, get to know each other better and get into the christmas spirit, this is the perfect opportunity for it. Whether you are new to the FC or a veteran, let’s gift each other!

The event works as follows:
-On December 5 all participants will be given the name of the person they are giving the gift to via Discord DM (this should be kept secret).
-On December 19 all participants should send their gift via the ingame mail system to the person they drew. If your gift is not arriving by this date, please send a small token thing so the person still has something on that day 🙂

We will have some proxy gifters in place, so you can send your gift to them if you are not available on December 19 and they will make sure it arrives to the person. More info on that coming soon.

Please try to add all participants to your ingame friendlist so you will be able to send the gift without spoiling the surprise.

Keep in mind this is an event for fun and to get together. While there will be no limits to gifting, ingame gifts are the preferred option. 😀

by Jasar