Questions and Answers – CW Edition
Wed 18:00ST, 12 May 2021

Hello everybody,

this event will try out something new. No matter if you are level 1 or 80, join the voice chat this night, or write questions or ideas via discord ingame, and ill try to answer to you to my best of my abilities.

While you are always free to ask every time in the FC.. I think it could be nice to try, to make an open learning night about all this stuff you dont know yet about the game!

Things that could be answered:
What are relics?
How do I keep a clean inventory?
How do I level secondary classes efficiently?
What is this item for?
How do I get better?
How do I place stickers?
What is /cpose?
What are macros?
What are maps?
Or whatever is up your mind.

We could even try to tackle lore questions. At least the easy ones!

See you Wednesday,

by Laila Arrbyte