Profile Picture Photoshoot
Wed 20:00ST, 30 Jun 2021

This one is to get our member’s page a bit quicker up to date and I don’t have a clue who is elligible for a member’s page or who actually wants to have a picture taken by me.
Disclaimer: This is a service I provide in my free time and nothing that has to happen. If 10 people sign up I might only be able to serve 4-5 (depends. Maybe 8). Older dragons are favored.

This is how it works:
I will provide my services for a photoshoot (30-60 min) for a profile picture for our member’s page.
You need to meet the interview criteria as explained here:
You need to know the location, your glam and your pose for your picture.
You react with the SDS icon to this post.
I will ping you to find a possible date until the 30th. If we can’t find one: Welp. Tough Luck.

My portfolio is basically everywhere around SDS.

by Kong