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Laila sitting on Shinryu dog
Hell’s Kier + Seiryu Doggo Farm
18:00ST on Sunday 19/07/2020
Get your :Seiryu: + :Suzaku: mount with us~ Vote with :SDS: on discord as usual to enter, also vote with the dog you need. (If you don’t, no worries, I will ask again with start of the event anyway) If we get this done under 1hr (or 2h, depending on the mood) we can also […]
by Laila Arrbyte
Enhanced FC Buffs II
08:00ST on Sunday 19/07/2020
FC Buffs active: – Wolf Marks +15%
by Aqu'a Fantasia
The Dancing Plague Extreme – Learning Party
19:00ST on Saturday 18/07/2020
Come One, Come All! Time to kill your FC members with Thunder Rune over and over again untill you hate them and they wont speak to you again….*Clears throat* iLVL 430, will be a sycned event.
by Malkier Jarrett
18:00ST on Wednesday 15/07/2020
Treasure Maps 80 Lets try get some wood for bed mounts, and have fun chilling out
by Shadow Cross
Enhanced FC Buffs
08:00ST on Sunday 12/07/2020
Just a quick announcement to say that tomorrow from 8am ST I will be activating FC Buffs for the following perks: – MGP +15% (This includes all GATEs/Challenges/Cactpot/Fashion Report/TT etc., but not Challenge Logs) – Battle EXP +15% Good luck gambling!
by Aqu'a Fantasia
18:00ST on Wednesday 08/07/2020
Maps, Maps, Maps Must be funny It s rich man dream Maps, Maps, Maps Always casually In this wednesday 8th. ( I know i suck at singing ) Vote with the usual and magnificent SDS Logo
by Shadow Cross
Tera’s and Darion’s Wedding
19:00ST on Saturday 04/07/2020
Reminder: Tera’s and Darion’s wedding on Saturday, right after Malkier’s event
by Darion Arguros
Memoria Misera Extreme – Clear Party
16:00ST on Saturday 04/07/2020
Time to get together again and have Malkier shout at you for 3 hours stright! Memoria Ex clear party this time! Please note that this is a clear party not a learning party so you should know most of the fight before joining.
by Malkier Jarrett
Mahjong Night
18:00ST on Friday 03/07/2020
If you’re curious about Mahjong, want to learn the game or just wanna play with like-minded people from the FC, Mahjong night is coming back ! We’ll try to balance between beginners and people that have a more advanced level. For people that want a relaxed start, we’ll make a table together !
by Sonja Gugoza
Seeking Dragons
18:00ST on Wednesday 01/07/2020
For the upcoming Casual Wednesday, @Luci and I came up with the spontaneous idea to play hide & seek with the whole FC! The concept is the same as you know it from your childhood: one person is the seeker and the rest goes hiding. How to play: – We will play in all the […]
by Darion Arguros