New Years Eve Celebration
Fri 14:00ST, 31 Dec 2021

Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come!
Long have some of you waited. Longed for the Final Day of this year.
And we will finish it with a BANG!

To keep up with a tradition (that only happened once so far), I will again host a NYE Party for all those that are stuck at home due to who knows what reasons.
I am stuck at home, so I invite all of you who share this fate, to spend an evening of love, lust and paradise with me. And with that I mean alcohol, laughter and games. Love is a lie.

The event will start at 14 ST. Why so early, you ask? Cause it will go on for hours! AW YEAH!!
Activities are divided into time slots and everyone can jump in and out whenever they want and however it fits into their own schedule. I guess, some of us have a life outside the fc. I don’t but each to their own 😛

Having said that, here is the schedule* for the day:
14 – 16 ST: Fight Club Shenanigans
16 – 18 ST: Team Fortress 2, Fall Guys, Among Us
18 – 20 ST: Gartic Phone, and other mini games
20 – 22 ST: Jackbox Party Packs
22 – 24 ST: Let’s watch “Dinner for One”, A toast to the New Year
24 ST onwards: whatever we want

*Schedule subject to change depending on member engagement and interest

Some notes towards the schedule and the mentioned activities:
– Fight Club Shenanigans will be hosted by Kong. There will be mini tournaments over a variety of games. Everyone is welcome to participate or simply watch and comment
– Team Fortress 2 is a free game on Steam, Fall Guys and Among Us are cross-platform playable but would need to be purchased
– Please download all games you would like to participate in before the start of the event
– “Dinner for One” is a German tradition of watching a ~20 minute long English video. There will be a drinking game included, so prepare lots of shots
– depending on time zone, midnight will happen at the following times: 22 ST, 23 ST, 24 ST
– we will take a longer break at 23 ST (timezone of the majority) for celebration. Shorter breaks will be at 22 ST and 24 ST

by Jace Nolan