Mystery Friday – Anime Editition
Fri 18:00ST, 26 Aug 2022

Ladies and Gentleman, the time has come again.
Your duo of Crime Brûlée went ahead and explored the vast depths of media to get inspired by violence and murder to bring to you… another Mystery Friday!

And of course, we like to be extravagant and brought something special in this one: Anime inspired black stories!
(I swear it’s not that we just forgot to restock our normal stories…)

Anyway, the glorious time has come to test your knowledge in the arts of anime and manga murders. Become a ~~highschool~~ detective and solve our devious prompts. We promise, we have some easy ones included as well.

Animes featured will be from early 2000s up until last year, but the stories can be solved by non anime watchers as well!

by Jace Nolan & Shadow Cross