Mystery Friday
Fri 19:00ST, 5 Mar 2021

And the corpse is lying so mysteriously open on a table!
Our detective is absolutely clueless what happened and there seem to be no witnesses.
What should we dooooo?

Well, find it out at our coming MYSTERY FRIDAY!
Another round of Black Stories awaits you. As always presented in a wonderful coop between me (classics) and our beloved Shadow Cross (sci-fi)!
Get that dusty old brain out of the closet, put it into your head and make use of it by solving mysterious cases of people dying, vanishing or committing other crimes.
An evening full of horror, laughter and humour as dark as the black stories themselves!

For our dear newcomers: Black Stories are little prompts made from one or two sentences and you have to find out the whole story by asking yes or no questions.
The prize for solving a story? A push to your ego for solving it before your co-detectives. If that isn’t already a wonderful reward.

Having said that, we will await you coming Friday!

Disclaimer: During the taking of this picture no catboys were hurt. The case featured on the picture will not be part of the event stories.

by Jace Nolan