Mystery Friday
Fri 19:00ST, 15 Jan 2021

Imagine, you’re watching a crime show. The great detective Purrlock Holmes wanders through the room, explaining in great detail the motive and the sequence of events…
“The murderer is none other than you, Mr. Mittens!”
“Aye, you got me this time, but beware when I will walk free again!”

And you as viewer are yet again imagining how it would be to be like that famous detective.

Fret not, my little hobby detective! For another MYSTERY FRIDAY has arrived and with it a new batch of dark and deadly secrets that wait to be solved by you.
Again, in a wonderful double feature with our lovely – and almost sinisterly named – Shadow Cross!

This evening will feature classic Black Stories as you know them from me, as well as new Sci-Fi stories from Shadow.
So get some black tea and biscuits! We will meet when the sun has set and enjoy yet another evening filled with death and murder…

by Jace Nolan