My Casual Wednesday
Wed 19:00ST, 10 Mar 2021


I will host an open night of Bozja Cluster Farms and just lurking in Bozja itself, because I can’t get myself to do it alone really. Can you?
Then you can still join this Event, because well… I need you!
Also, don’t worry if you just need to do Fates in there, we still benefit from each other by just sharing the group <3

I would love to have at least 4 people to have a smooth cluster run, but let's see what we can work with.

Also, I just hope it's called cluster because I wasn't in there for ages now. 😀
Else i have been thinking about doing Eureka stuff like farming Lootboxes- Just join this event and tell me what you think about that heh. <3
Hopefully, see you on Wednesday.

by Laila Arrbyte