Make gil from home with one easy trick
Tue 10:00ST, 4 Jan 2022

Tuesday 4th is patch day. At 10ST servers go live and with it comes Savage raid as well as new crafting recipes.
I will use this opportunity to make a good amount of money by crafting and selling the new items early.
I invite you to join me and to get your share too.

What does this event actually entail:
-I need Tomestones of Aphorism. With these we can buy items that will go directly into crafting gear to be sold. By contributing your Tomestones, I will be able to craft more items faster. This means bigger profits. Your contribution will earn you a share of these profits. (During the previous iteration of this event people earned upward of 5M gil each. This time the event differs a bit from then, but I will do my best to have everyone gain as much as possible.)
-I still may need some helpers. These helpers would go gather stray items that I did not prepare, but these will mostly be items from previous expansions.
-Come hang out. The events is pretty chill, so feel free to drop by. 😀

As a result, the event doesn’t require any particular classes or gear. Just a healthy amount of Tomestones.
If you have any questions, please send me a DM or ping my in any appropriate channel. 🙂

by Ryve Sontek