Kong Narrates: Of Rose and Thorn
Fri 16:00ST, 31 Jul 2020

For this event I will don the mantle of dungeon master for Dungeons and Dragons 5e once more and narrate the troubling story of Rose and Thorn for 5 willing members of the company.

“You emerge from the mysterious fog that has clung to your travels since they began. The gravel road you have been following leads to a village, its tall houses dark as tombstones. Nestled among these solemn dwellings are a handful of closed-up shops. Even the tavern is shut tight.
A soft whimpering draws your eye toward a pair of children standing in the middle of an otherwise lifeless street.”

The event will be longer than the usual time and I would say plan until 22 ST. Speaking English is a requirement.
I will keep the right to select of the members that sign up to maximize group harmony. (1 slot reserved for Shadow Cross)
(Also yes this is a horror story)

I will provide more story on character creation once I know who participates.

by Kong