Hide and Seek!
Wed 19:00ST, 9 Nov 2022

O come all ye Dragons, mighty and immense. Now, hide your immense bodies in whatever little box or corner you can find!

The game for Casual Wednesday is hide and seek! The hosts? Mojo and Shadow! Let’s get in touch with our inner children and try to outsmart the seeker.

All you need is to show up in FFXIV and we will assemble in one of the main cities. Whoever is “it” will switch off all their HUD effects, and have a short time to find as many of the other FC members as they can!

The only rule is that you must wear a fat chocobo head at all times! If you haven’t got one already, you can pick them up from Jonathas at apkallu falls in Old Gridania.

Everyone gets a chance to be the seeker. (Photocredit: Kong?)

by Mojo and Shadow