Hidden Tomestone Gorge
Wed 18:15ST, 20 Oct 2021

Let’s do some casual PvP with robots for moogle event tomestones 🙂

Technically if you win you get more tomestones, but if you lose you also get some, so this is a classic ‘win-win’ situation, where you can win a little or win more than a little. As they say, win win, for winning twice without losing. Technically you can lose the pvp game, but you are winning the tomestone game, which is not a game, but you are winning ‘it’ by getting the tomestones. Anyway, theres robots and moogle tomestones, so it will be good.

The only requirement is being level 30, don’t worry if you don’t know what this game mode is about, things go pew pew, you die, you respawn, you win some you lose some. There will usually be a person spamming in chat to do something, following them has a 20% success rate, which is better than 0, so when in doubt we can do that.

The vent start 15 minutes later than usual to give some time between Kong’s Painting Stream and this

by Jasar