Friday Fisticuffs
Fri 17:00ST, 4 Jun 2021

Due to the devs of Fantasy Strike thinking LOBBIES aren’t a necessity in a fighting game, we are now switching gears a bit.
Instead of stressing out over whether to gate this event behind a needed purchase or to let newcomers join for free, I am letting you decide for me!
Our alternatives are:

Brawlhalla – f2p Smash Bros-esque platform fighter – Vote with :TankRole:
Dragon Ball FighterZ – 2D team-based fighter, not f2p – Vote with :DPSRole:
Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2 – a more traditional 2D anime fighter – Vote with :HealerRole:

Vote for the one you prefer, or all three! We will go with the one that gets the most votes, or if someone doesn’t have either of the latter two, we go with Brawlhalla.
Sorry for the confusion.

19:00 CEST / 17:00 ST

by Mirel Moui