Fight Club Invitational II
Sun 17:00ST, 16 May 2021

Another long-term Event!
This time our internal Fight Club invites people to participate over a 1 month group stage culminating in a Single Elimination showdown on the event date!
The game that is played is Dragon Ball FighterZ and the coordination will be handled over our very own Fight Club Discord channel (so get the Fighter Role if you want to get updates).
Everyone who doesn’t participate is always welcome to join the match-streams that will be played throughout the weeks on the days that the players set themselves (to make it more flexible for our busy selves). It’s always a lot of fun to join the banter!
I won’t post more of the rules here in the announcement as we are rather casual about everything and some rules might be adjusted per discussions in our discord channel.
The big questions are: Will Radca defend his title? Who will win the emotional rematch between Shadow and Jace? Will Laila Heavy-Spam her way out of group stage?
Stay tuned…

by Kong