Fight Club Invitational I
Fri 19:00ST, 5 Feb 2021

Hear ye, hear ye!

My Ancients, my wyrms, and everybody else here not living in privilege!
Today… today you find yourselves equals!
For you are equally blessed! For I have the pride to introduce to you an event, first of its kind!
An event that can trace back its lineage beyond the corona pandemic!
I was first encountered such an event in the sweet comfort of childhood’s welcoming simplicity! The friendly bantering, while engulfed in the excitement of competition, sitting in front of a console with friends, while the warm summer sun filled the house with winds carrying the sweet smell of freshly mowed grass.

So behold! A video game event with ancestral roots beyond the Playstation!
Our very own Sleeping Dragons Flight Club hosts its first official fighting game tournament!
Designed not for experts and not for beginners, but for friends that come together to celebrate and elevate each other! This is not just a faint hunt for nostalgia!
We have more.
More banter!
More laughter!
More friends!

The game that has been chosen is Dragon Ball FighterZ and we will hold a single elimination tournament – a true Budokai Tenkaichi – to determine who is the best! But be aware! We will use the Cornered Comeback ruleset! As your health dwindles… your power will increase!
Everyone is welcome to join! Join as a fighter! Join as a commentator! Join as a friend to chill out!

by Kong