Fashion Show (with prizes!)
Wed 18:00ST, 26 Oct 2022

After a long wait it is time again for another fashion show!

For those of you unfamiliar with the event, I will give a prompt, such as “Your favorite Beast Tribe” and then you will have a set time to come up with a glamour that fits it.

In this edition we are changing a few things around.
For starters, we are doing away with the catwalk and instead, for every round, you will have to come up with a nice screenshot that ties up the prompt and your glam. Since this is extra effort, you will have more time than in the last show, 15 minutes per round, and there will be plenty of prizes.

After every round we will post the screenshots and everyone will get to vote for their favorites. Whoever gets the most votes is the winner of that round, and they get to choose an item from the FC Chest (Tab 5) as their prize.

If you want an excuse to throw some glams together and have some fun, this is it 🙂

by Jasar