Colourful Carneval – An SDS Fashion Show
Fri 19:00ST, 12 Feb 2021

The fashion world is a complicated thing. One day you are on a killer diet (literally), the next you are dressed as a pink bear with your private bits hanging out.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “My, my… I’m so beautiful, I should be a model”? Me neither, but through the magic of videogames, you now have the chance to become a world famous icon in the fashion bizz! Join us for our very own SDS fashion show, where the runway is yours to do with it as you please (well, maybe no nudity, especially if you are a Lalafell).

The only rule? Make it **colorful**!

Everyone is welcome, even those of you who spend your days in Eorzea in black-everything. A few dyes not on the grey scale won’t hurt, I promise! Bring your pink dyes, show us your Chernobyl frog cosplay with that metallic green dye. As long as it has colour, nothing is too much!

The event will be split into three parts: during the first part, participants will be photographed alone in the FC house’s photoroom. The second part will consist of the models showing off on the runway, and finally in the third part __the participants will vote in secret__ to decide who had the best, most colorful attire (or the weirdest, let’s be honest)!

by Jasar Dann