Classic hostile takeover
Mon 18:00ST, 18 Apr 2022

Join me, my comrades, as I take the control of classic raid just for this one day (and yes this will be one time only)
you are welcome be it that you are a hardened veteran or just a hatchling ready to tip your toe in the cool waters of raiding.

So what do you need to join:
Have FF xiv installed and subbed
Have one character at lvl 60
lookup a guide for A8S (text/video I don’t care just make sure you have at least heard of the mechanics, and no there won’t be a test but it will be painfully clear if you have not looked any guides so respect our time and please do that :D)
and most important be yourself and be ready to enjoy one of my favourite fights in this game.

for any questions you can message/pm/ping me

by Pelle "Pellempi" Paerkkele