Choose your Adventure!
Wed 19:00ST, 6 Jan 2021

Welcome to the New Year, Dragons!

Another Wednesday i would say.
But this is not an ordinary Wednesday! This is the first Wednesday of the Year and as such the first Casual Wednesday.

How better way of celebrating that with a ” Choose your Adventure! ”

The premise, several options will be presented to you, and majority wins. Mind you, in case draw, the event organizer chooses.

You can vote for several options

Alexander Mounts: A4S and A12S ( 100% drop ) :full_moon:

Maps ( because what is a casual Wednesday without maps ) :full_moon_with_face:

Shirogane jumping puzzle ( source of rage quit and keyboard smashing ) :new_moon_with_face:

Birdies Farm :Nidhogg:

Doggos Farm :Suzaku:

Catch up Alexander Normal ( i see some dragons that did not made it yet ) :new_moon:

Catch up Bahamut Normal ( why not ) :first_quarter_moon:

Weekly Eden Normal ( In group is always more fun ) :dizzy:

If you wish to participate but dont have any preference, just vote with the sds icon

So come along for another and amazing Casual Wednesday

by Shadow Cross