Casual Wednesday (Treasure Maps)
Wed 19:00ST, 30 Dec 2020

Imagine going on a stroll through the realms of Eorzea, fleeing from the big cities with their hustling and bustling, not wanting to spend any second longer in the den of degenerates that we used to call Limsa… Just you, your chocobo, mother nature and some monsters that might want to kill you.

And then you see it: a bunch of weirdos, flying through the skies, randomly looking in different directions, killing innocent monsters, just to dig up a… treasure chest? How weird! And to top it off, suddenly a hole appears on top of that chest. You blink and the weirdos are gone, sucked into that hole. And a few minutes later they get thrown out again, laugh about it, shouting something about “RNGesus” being mean to them and rainbows not appearing when they should. And all you can think of is, that you would like to have some of the drugs those guys are obviously taking.

Well, fret not, my dear little adventurer, as that can be easily done. All you need is to sell half of your soul either to gathering or to the marketboard, get some of those nice Zonureskin treasure maps, learn to decipher them and then join those weirdos on their next big treasure hunt coming this Wednesday. Don’t worry, usually you get that sold half of your soul back.We take no responsibility in case you’ll lose it again by spending your precious time with us though. So take the risk and enjoy us on the last Casual Wednesday of the year 2020 and get some last riches into your pockets to make it big in 2021!

by Jace Nolan