Casual Wednesday – Shadow of Mhach
Wed 18:00ST, 13 Jul 2022

Howdy Sky Pirates!

Are you feeling adventurous today? Then join me and my matey Mojo in the discovery of the high skies and dangerous beings that might await us.

I call, all SDS members and all Adventures, from different sizes, shapes and worlds!

Well, let´s drop the pirate act shall we?
This Casual Wednesday, we invite all to do Heavensward Alliance Raid “Shadow of Mhach”.
We will be running this raid unsynch and it will offer the opportunity for new and old players to enjoy the story ( cutscenes included ). So come many, because we can enter at 24 people and the more we are, the funnier it is.

Condition to enter : You will need to have MSQ “Heavensward” quest done ( job level minimum 60 ). Then you need the quest “Sky Pirate” , found in The Pillars (X:14.1, Y:10.7) by Unquiet Trader

So, matey, join us in this perilous quest of fame, glory and loot!

by Mojo and Shadow Cross