Casual Wednesday – A FATEful evening
Wed 18:00ST, 20 Apr 2022

Dear Ladies and Gentleman, dragons and eggs, Fate has brought us all together… Let’s get our revenge for that!

It is time for Fates. Small fates, big fates, boss fates. Maybe even those terrible collect items or protection fates no one likes. Who knows?
Fates here, fates there, fates everywhere. Let’s get those darn rank 3 all around Eorzea. Grab those juicy rewards and grind out this bicolored nightmare pebbles they call gemstones!

We’ll meet up, we check what zones are needed or wanted, we grind those zones to dead and beyond.
All while having some chill hangout in voicechat.

Only requirement: At least some classes and areas in Shadowbringer level ranges. That’s where fate ranks and gemstones start
New rewards however are stuck behind Endwalker, so if people have access to that, we will prioritise Endwalker zones

by Jace Nolan & Shadow Cross