Casual SDS Birthday Week Wednesday – A Screenshot Quickie
Wed 19:00ST, 23 Mar 2022

It’s time for something different. We’re going to have a friendly competition of sorts, and the rules go like this. First, a small prompt will be given. Then everyone who wants to participate will go and take a screenshot somewhere in FFXIV with their interpretation of the given prompt. There will be a ten minute time limit (it can be adjusted if it looks like it’s too little time). When ready, everyone posts their screenshots on discord to be admired, and everyone can then vote for their favourite one with an emoji reaction.

To keep an even playing field, only official in-game tools (gpose) can be used. It’s not really serious at all, no previous skill or knowledge is needed, but checking out gpose before might be helpful. Although spoiler alert, gpose might not even be allowed in every screenshot topic.

Winner of each round will win whopping one million gil, and an item of their choice from the list below. If one person wins multiple rounds, well… they could be a lot richer by the end of the evening.

A small lottery will also be held among participants who didn’t win. The amount of winners varies on the amount of participants.

Taking part in the competition is by no means required, everyone is most welcome to come and have a nice chat and a good time and still vote for their favourites.

Flying Chair (x2)
Zu Horn

Armadillo Bowler
Petit Pteranodon
Magitek Predator F1 (x2)
Silver Dasher (x2)
Syldrion-Class Insubmersible (x3)
Benben stone (x2)
Baby Opo-opo

–Orchestrion rolls
By Design (x2)

Plum Paper Parasol (x2)

by Rox