Casual MAPSday
Wed 18:00ST, 27 Apr 2022

EVERYONE ATTENTION, the next Wednesday is upon us
Within the next 24 hours an event has to be hold
Blare the sirens, this is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill

Okay, now that I have hopefully everyones attention, it’s time for another Casual Wednesday
What will we do? Well, I am short on notice and short on ideas, so we do the ol’ reliable: MAPS
Old maps, new maps, whatever maps people bring along.
Let’s get those achievements, hidden minions and mounts and who knows what else.
Maybe we get a glimpse of those rare feathers for some bird mount? Maybe we will not even get a portal. Or fate will be especially mean and we will always reach the second last room and then get thrown out. Who knows? You! If you join me on this endeavour!

by Jace Nolan