Casual Dragon Farm
Wed 19:00ST, 23 Feb 2022

Time to do some mount farming, this time with the Shadowbringers’ Dragon mounts!
We will see which fights we need to do and rotate through them and hopefully get shiny new mounts 😀

The only requirement is to have the Shadowbringers extremes unlocked. While you can unlock the normal mode for the first half through MSQ but 3 of them are missable sidequest.

You find the quests in The Lochs, and they are quite story intensive.

Cinder Drift – Unlocked via ‘Ruby Doomsday’
Castrum Marinum – Unlocked via ‘Blood of Emerald’
The Cloud Deck – Unlocked via ‘Duty in the Sky with Diamond’

The extreme version of these 3 also unlock in The Lochs just talk to the Warmachine Fanatic.

by Laila & Jasar