Blu Night Fever
Thu 18:00ST, 22 Oct 2020

What do I need to join?

You must have a Disciple of War or Magic level 50
Your 2.0 main scenario quests must be complete

Feel free to unlock Blue mage as we speak in voice or do it before. It’s a casual event.
If people enjoy this event, we can repeat it to get most of you to 60 and get through the carnival together.

What are we going to do this time?

1) Answer many Questions and/or give an introduction to the class!
2) Level as many as we can to 60!
3) Depending on the time maybe run dungeons or primals for the fun spells!

Why should I bother?

Well first, the spells can be really fun and have plenty good use for screenshots.
You can just crush fates with this class too. But you need the right spells, that means a quick easy relic!
The level 70 update is on the way and more special content unlocks for you.
Also, you can raid with Blue mage for a special mount!
… And at last, if you ever needed poetics, you don’t as a blue mage!

by Laila Arrbyte