At the sunset of fourth day we raid
Thu 18:00ST, 30 Mar 2023

The people have spoken, and the traditional Monday shall be replaced by Thursday.
So grab your axe, staff, book or whatever pointy thing you can find. Sleeping dragons are going to face Eden.
So what will I need to take part in this challenge?

-LVL 80 Combat class (I know botanist has a scythe, but still)
-Unlock the savage version of the raid (I’ll be glad to help if needed)
-Look and study the guide posted on the raid channel.
-learn your class (rotation and starter, our hit dummy is a great help here)
-Bring food (I won’t demand potions, but you are free to do so)
-be on time (or if you know you’ll be late, please give a heads up beforehand)

If this all didn’t scare you off, I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday

by Pelle "Pellempi" Paerkkele