Another Mystery Friday
Fri 18:00ST, 30 Jul 2021

My dear Dragons and Eggs, it is time!
A new blood sacrifice is long overdue.
The ancients are calling for you for the ceremonial evening of blood, lust and homicide.

It is time… for another Mystery Friday!

Join Shadow and me on another evening filled with black stories about murder, self-murder, murder accidents, non murder accidents…
The night is long, our stories short and the fun endless!

For the uninitiated:
We will play Black Stories, a game where Shadow or I will present a prompt to you. It is the task of the participants to figure out the whole story behind the prompt based on Yes or No questions.
This event requires a bit of thinking, but is perfect for simply chilling in voice chat and doing some grinding on the side. No prior knowledge needed.

We will await you…

by Jace Nolan & Shadow Cross