A Very Bozjan Evening
Fri 19:00ST, 6 Nov 2020

Haven’t you heard? There is quite the situation going on in the Bozjan Southern Front! Some guy is being very mean, some robots are causing havoc, a circus runaway keeps flying around burning things and a sunburned chocobo just called down a meteor on us.
So it falls on us to clean up the mess, of course. As you arrive at the front, questions begin to emerge. Fragments? Mettle? Clusters? Skirmishes? Why is everyone spamming “LFG CLUSTER FARM R15 PLS” and “CLL WHEN??”? Well, all of these questions and more will be answered in this very special, very Bozjan evening! Come along and enjoy the beautiful* Bozjan backdrop as we dismantle robots, learn new powerful spells and chat. What’s that? Further incentives, you say? Does a flying robot sound good? Maybe a haircut, or a cute pet? Perhaps a bunch of cool armor… or ANOTHER flying robot?!
And to think, the only requirement to enjoy all of this is to have completed the first stage of your Resistance Weapon and to complete the small questline “Where Eagles Nest” in Gangos!
*Beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder.

by Jasar Dann