A Blue Battle on the Big Bridge for moogle tomes
Wed 19:00ST, 4 Jan 2023

Hello, time to do an efficient tome farm, to please the moogles (again).

Requirements to join:
Unlock battle on the big bridge before
Unlock Blue (and at least gear level 50, to not just fade to oblivion) and get follow spells please Whistle (#64) + Moon Flute (#39) + Final Sting (#8), Nightbloom (#104)

If you have Ram’s Voice (#33) + UItravibration (#92) we love you, but we don’t need 8 of them.

If we are below 8, we will sit in pf and ask all the people around if they want to join. Let’s have fun, we will also switch out quite a bit so don’t hesitate to join if we are 8 in voice, I don’t need so many tomes myself, but I wanted to organize this for those who need many!

A single run lasts about 1:30 minute, maybe a bit longer if we don’t take it as seriously, but yeah. it’s fast.

by Laila Arrbyte