Ancient Meetings

Next Meeting: 15.09.2021 – 17ST

Just join the voice channel ancient to listen in. You can participate by writing to us, to #the-lair, or request that you are able to talk, if you have a bigger topic.

Meeting 18.08.2021

recruitment status
CF is up and rewritten, but it wasnt very successful, so we are rewriting it.
Including sections on the website.

event organisation
hasnt been going well, we’re going to put some more initiative/rework up to see if it helps.

is dead, but we gonna keep it up for a bit

#classic-raids & #flaming-dragons
are fine and going strong 🙂

Website changes
The guide section has been completely reworked, and (time of writing) been bug fixed too!
More features are to come, but as always be patient.

Social Matters
What people were talking about, and how dynamics of the group evolved with Kongs, Mirels and Malkiers podcast!

Meeting 21.07.2021

recruitment status
We will continue to recruit via the Community Finder. For this we will update our Community Finder page.

mount farming
There is new interest rising for older mounts. Please refer to the ancients for more information.

event organisation
We plan to do more events outside of the game to counter the content drought in FF and to add more variety to our events in general.

Please use the request channel to let all the ancients know about all the requests you have related to the fc. That way other ancients and members can then discuss the issues there openly.

website status & updates
We are still working on further improving the website. Regarding this we are still fixing bugs and slowly cleanup on the mobile version.
We now have a few more and improved countdowns on the start page. Furthermore a Gold Saucer guide will be uploaded tomorrow fitting for the Make It Rain campaign. This guide however might still be updated over time with a few more sections as for now it is cut short due to time limitations.
For Feedback regarding bugs, features and suggestions, please use the requests channel in Discord.

Meeting 16.06.2021

While Events are running, we feel a decreasing interest in the game already. We want to spark a little bit more communication in #event-prep itself to see what ideas from inside and outside the game we can fullfill on casual wednesday to keep steady until endwalker.

The website has many small pushes of bugfixes and still has outstanding feature requests open.
We are preparing guides, for current events like a big gold saucer guide for the make it rain event, and hope it will finish in time.
If you want to get involved, feel free to!

community finder
We are writing a new text, but laila slacks. I want to guide newer people a bit more, since most CF Recruits, are in the FC for 2 or 3 Days and then leave because they dont magically connect. While ofc, it is still everybody duty themselves to open up, connect and talk, we understand it might be intimidating.
So right now we dont have CF up, but maybe next month, when our timetable gets more soft.

#mount-farming – removed
It is hard to work with this while the interest swindles, we discussed hurdles and issues why this has been failing.
Also, while Jace is hurt at the moment, we have nobody to maintain this, but we are keeping the role for now.
I like the Idea in general, and I want to believe it works, but maybe right now we try to get more people motivated by moving those farms to CW.

If there is just 1 request a month, we would call this channel and its according bot to stay anonymous a success, and keep it.

From afar we are noticing some hiccups, and i am looking forward to discuss and talk with #classic-raids organizer Talon, about that.
We want to support and help #classic-raids as good as we can, since we like it ❤